Basic Regulations

MMC 11 - the well known factory car. Here it is in the hands of Rob Wells.

The Classes Defined





Morgan +8 modified and up to 4.6 litre capacity running a maximum of 7,500 rpm
Morgan 4/4 or +4 modified and with twin-cam 16 valve forced induction maximum capacity 2.0 litre.


Morgan +8 modified and up to 3.5 litre capacity Morgan +8 modified and up to 3.9 litre with standard induction
Morgan 4/4 or + 4 modified and with twin cam 8 valve forced induction maximum capacity 2.0 litre


Morgan +8 standard 3.9 litre, or road modified 3.5 litre. Morgan 4/4 modified and with single cam 8 valve forced indution maximum capacity 1.9 litre



Morgan +8 Moss gearbox pre 1973


Morgan +4 and 4/4 modified and up to 2.350 litre capacity Morgan +4 TR engine with period pre-1970 modification. Morgan +4 standard - post 1970 Morgan 4/4 road modified

"Modified" cars have a great deal of freedom in the areas of engine tuning, clutches, gearboxes, brakes, wheels, tyres and suspension. "Road modified" cars have some freedom in engine tuning, but thats about all. The regulations are reviewed every year and modifications introduced as necessary to keep the racing as close as possible. In past years the Championship has been won by cars from every class.

The Championship is normally over 8 rounds, with the best 7 results counting. A class win scores 10 points then its 8, 6, 4 down to 2 for fifth unless there are less than 3 in the class when a win is only worth 8 with second getting 6 or, if you are solo in your class just 6. You get 1 point if you merely finish - which is also what a fastest lap in class is worth.

In addition to the "Championship" rounds we regularly have invitations to meetings at Spa Francorchamps and Zandvoort.