Bits and Pieces

HSCC 70s Road Sports

Chris Phillips

Congratulations to Chris Phillips for not only taking pole but winning outright the HSCC race at Snetterton on 14th April. He came in 15 seconds ahead of the second place Lotus Europa. After being beaten into Riches at the start by two cars he eventually took first spot by overtaking the Europa going into the Bombhole!

Peter Horsman

Congratulations also to Peter Horsman in his first race in a Moss box Plus 8 who came an impressive 1Oth overall ahead of a Porsche 914, Lotus Seven, Chevrolet Camaro, Jensen Interceptor and a TVR Taimar.

On track

Richard Somerset

After a long DIY front end rebuild, new wings all round, etc., he should be back on the road at least by May. It will depend upon other entries in class E and the prospects of a mildly tuned Crossflow engined 4 seater 4/4 competing with them whether he will get back onto the track this year. [Ed: There's your Lap Record at Oulton Park to defend, don't forget]

Brian Jenkins

His Plus 4 rebuild is nearing completion, but will need some 'sorting' before its first event. Hopes to be ready to compete at Silverstone.

(c) Chris Acklam